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PT Rental Assistant (R) is an easy to use Property Management Program. It may be used for Residential, Commercial & Industrial properties. Houses, Apartments, Storage Units, Offices, Stores, etc. It assists owners/managers in maximizing the return on their investment. It tracks and reports information in several key areas, providing a means for analyzing data efficiently. It supplies information for managing properties as well as other parts of the business. You need to have the Model Lite before ordering any of the other models. The other models convert the Model Lite to which ever model you are ordering. A detailed User's Guide & Introduction video on CD is included free. Customer support is also included (for Model 10 and above). Areas the program focuses on: Income Expenses Capital Expenditures Depreciation of Assets Tax reporting information Status of: Properties, Tenants and Leases Budgeting Data may also be exported to other programs. Time Saving Features: Entering Data: The Rental Income form contains a feature called "Auto Form Fill". When a tenant is making a payment, all that you need to do is to select their name. Then all of the information pertaining to them is automatically filled in. No typing is required! Reports: Within a matter of seconds you can have income, expense and comparison reports at your fingertips. This enables you to make decisions and prepare information for tax reporting in a fraction of the time that would be otherwise possible. For more information, go to

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